Toyota Unveils A New EV Model: Toyota UBox.

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and recently it was linked as the as the 13th largest company in revenue. In collaboration with Clemson University, they have ventured into the manufacture of an electric car in a project they have termed as Deep Orange. It is through this project that they have a manufactured a car they have referred to as Toyota UBox. This project has been aimed at involving automotive students into a real-life project. This is one of the latest inventions from the Toyota Company.

Toyota Ubox

In the manufacture of this car, Toyota and Clemson University have considered some key features that makes the Toyota UBox unique and one of its kind. The car itself acts as a portable power supply as it is fitted with power sockets where you can plug in appliances such as laptops, mobile phones and other power tools. Toyota UBox have also been made in such a way that creates enough space in the inside so as the use can use it for different purposes.

Toyota UBox has been invented as a result of the increased use of electric energy and the increased sources of the same. The case of air pollution have also been a major concern to the whole world as each and every country is trying to come up with ways of reducing air pollution. The car can therefore be one of the solutions to this.

We can term this invention as timely and efficient as technology is changing gradually at a very high rate and in connection to that the competition in automobile manufacturing is increasing at a similar rate. Toyota UBox may therefore be a solution to so many automobile problems and so this collaboration and invention have been done at the most appropriate time.

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