TOYOTA Launches the PHEV Versions Of Toyota Corolla and Levin.

Toyota is one of the largely dominated car manufacturing companies in the world with an outstanding performance from their sales. It has also made a significant contribution to the Electric Vehicle Technology by the launching of the Toyota Prius one of the top Electric Vehicles in the world. During the latest auto show in china, it also announced the launching of the electric versions of Toyota Corolla and Toyota Levin into the market. This is one of the awaited vehicles since the performance of the Toyota Corolla brand in the market is really superb. The two PHEVs will be launched in 2018.

Toyota Launches the PHEV Versions Of Toyota Corolla and Levin.

During the announcement, there was no detail on the interior and exteriors outlook of the vehicle. The specs and features of the vehicle have also not been released to the public. Since Toyota is well known for its amazing release of its product then this will be absolutely one of the best EVs on the road.
This is almost the third EV to be released by the Toyota Company after the i-Road and Toyota Ubox was released into the market. Also during the event, it was also announced that the Toyota Prius Prime will also be released into the market. This is an improved version of the Toyota Prius and it comes with more improved features and specs. The exact release date for the Toyota Corolla PHEV is not yet out. Also, the price tag that the Toyota Corolla PHEV has not yet been released to the public.

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