Top 5 YouTube channels which are a must to subscribe

YouTube has become prominent nowadays. It is not only a place to watch videos, but it has become a place where people share their day-to-day life stories and learn how things work.


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Below are 5 top YouTube channels that giggle about gadgets and technology:

  1. UnboxTherapy

It is a prevalent channel on YouTube with more than 300,000 subscribers. On this channel, you can know the reviews, thoughts of a new gadget. It includes all technical gadgets from PC, smartphones to keyboards and gaming console.

  1. TysiPhoneHelp

As the name includes iPhone, it helps to know reviews on a whole range of Apple’s product, including MacBook Pro, iPod Touch and Nano, iPad, iMac and iPhone. Along with Apple’s product, it also reviews the products competing against Apple.

  1. iCrackUriDevice

This channel calls itself ICU. It sheds light on all rumors and reviews related to Apple products and Operating Systems. It covers latest iMac, MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. iCrackUriDevice also includes a comparison between the products like Microsoft Surface, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.


CNETTV is another dedicated YouTube channel where they show tutorials, exclusive interviews, product reviews and a lot of latest technical news. They also cover events like CES and upload a lot of informative videos related to that.

  1. LinusTechTips

LinusTechTips basically shed light on PC’S. It enlightens the computer hardware such as motherboard, PC casings, earphones, keyboards and mouse. It not only provides knowledge on the mentioned topics, but also gives helpful information regarding them. If you want to get answers to your questions, you can participate in the forum.

Along with the channels mentioned there are more channels which gives information about the latest technology introduced. You must subscribe them if you are a tech freak. Please comment below to share your views on the channels mentioned above. You can also comment if you have any other favorite channels.

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