Tips for Investing in Foreign Currencies

There’s a misconception that trading in foreign currencies is a complicated business venture in which only large multinational companies could participate. But, with new technological developments, online brokerages, makes this option available to any investor.

Many choose to do so in order to diversify their portfolios and alleviate the pressures that come with the changes in the domestic market. There’s obviously some risk in buying foreign currencies, which means that margins can be a quite stip. Before making the investment, make sure you understand the risk involved and consider proper risk management techniques in order to improve long- term returns.

Exchange-traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETF) are the simplest way of getting into the foreign currency market. They buy and sell the portfolio of currency on behalf of particular investors. This could be done trough currency swaps or trough so-called futures. Most investors choose this option because the risks are lower and therefore so is the leverage. When choosing a fund to invest in, make sure you’ve done your homework and investigated the portfolio. Exposure to more volatile currencies is a good sign that the fund can’t be trusted.

Inside Information

The value of a foreign currency depends on a variety of factors. Some or complicated and hard to assess (such as economic and political stability) and others are basically in the hands of a few individuals in charge of financial institutions. This means that you need to have as much information about the currency you’re buying as you can get your hands on. Interest rates and the level of inflation are the most important signs of a country’s financial stability, but there are others such as level of corruption and business climate in general. Try to study all of these using reliable and independent sources. When it comes to tips from well- connected individuals – there are basically no rules – it all comes down to trusting your sources.

Easy Trading Access

There are companies set up to facilitate easy access to foreign currency trading. For instance, you can buy Iraqi currency, by setting up a mini trading account online. Banks and certificates of deposits have a minimum investment threshold (usually set at around 10,000 $). By setting up an online account with a currency liquidator you can start investing as little as few hundred dollars. Just make sure you have received a full guarantee about the authenticity of the foreign banknotes.

Foreign Bonds Funds


Foreign bond funds trade in the bonds issued by foreign nations. For a nation, the purpose of a bond is to raise capital and encourage activities in the domestic market. Profit is made when the value of the foreign currency in which the bond is issued changes in respect to the currency of the buyer. These bonds typically have a higher yield than the domestic ones because the risks involved are also greater and depend on numerous factors – both economic and political. One should always think about the inflation risk that comes with foreign bond because the real value of the bond is always in relation to it.

Corporate Ownership

In the end, many investors participate in foreign currency trading without being entirely aware of it. Corporations, especially those that trade overseas (or at least it manufactures there) need to trade in different currencies in order to maintain day to day operations. Everyone with stocks in these companies is in a manner of speaking participating in the currency trade. Before, buying stock in any company, investors should try to inform themselves about the international aspects of the business they are getting involved with.

As with any other investment, there’s risk involved in buying or selling foreign currency, especially during complicated economic times. On the other side, everyone involved in this type of trade can work from an even playing field – all it takes is analyzing publicly available information about the world events. This means that even the smallest investors could make a significant profit just by making the right call at the right time.

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