Tesla to Hire 1600 Employees to Build Autonomous Model S and X Cars

Few months ago, Tesla issued a beta software update to make its Model S and X cars complete autonomous.  The company is looking ahead to hire a whopping 1600 employees to fill the current positions to build the complete autonomous Model S and Model X cars. The company will focus on creating software and working toward making its self driving cars, at least that can go in the same lane in highways and for parallel parking.

Tesla Model X

Source: uk.wikipedia.org

Tesla customers are really loving the new editions of the company and will be trusting software the company builds for self driving cars. Self driving cars mostly work on sensors which will reduce road fatalities rapidly.

To achieve this dream, CEO Elon Musk is on progress to hire 1600 employees. Most of the hiring will be for software engineers to design, develop software for the self driving cars. The employer is looking out for hardcore software engineers with no prior auto experience. Each of them will be personally evaluated by Elon Musk to fill the first 100 positions that are vacant now. There will be a lot of demand for hardcore software engineers in the near future as well.

Tesla had 899 employees at the end of 2010 however the number is now increased to 14,000 today. The company plans to add another 4500 more employees in the Golden State itself in the next four years. Apart from that, company is already building its new Gigafactory to make batteries in Nevada, new car factories in Europe and China.

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