Tesla to Deliver Longest Electric Car Range Limits Soon

Electric car range limits has always been a worry for electric car manufacturers.  With the company spending billions in research and developing high end efficient batteries for their cars, Company hopes to conquer the car range limits soon.

The Company CEO Elon Musk stated the company will have electric car batteries that will have electric car range limits of 746 miles by 2020. One of the main reasons consumers stay away from electric cars is due to its lower range limits and lack of recharge stations especially if you travel a lot. However, he believes the worry of having lower range limits will not be a problem for very long. Battery technology is improving rapidly and will increase 10-15 percent on a yearly basis which will help manufactures have better and longer range limits.

Tesla Model S had a 500 range limit on a charge when people tried it with low speed. This can increase in future to 600-700 miles on a charge within 2 years. The increase in electric car range limits will increase the sales numbers worldwide. Today’s consumers need the best, which will last longer and be to their expectations. In regards to electric plug-in cars, range limits are what consumers expect the most. Having the ability to deliver high electric range in every car, the company will dominate the electric car and battery industries.

There will be great innovations and change in the electric cars industry within the next 2-3 years. As expected it will begin to compete with regular gasoline cars.

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