Tesla Motors Provides Free Spotify Account for Tesla Model X and Model S Owners

Yesterday, Tesla Motors and Spotify declared that owners of the Model S and Model X electric cars would receive a free Spotify Premium account. Tesla owners would have access to listen to ad-free melody, download tracks locally as well as control Spotify’s Premium service with their voice – or straight from their vehicle’s 17 inch touch screen.

Tesla Motors says it will also pick up the bill for any mobile data owners use, thus the service becomes 100% free. The update is currently available to owners in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong however it won’t be available in the US just yet.

New Offers from Tesla Motors

 Tesla’s move to Spotify comes after the failure of Rdio, the car company’s preceding streaming partner – however it does originate with a range of fascinating catches. For one, the free account could only be used inside the car. Tesla Motors Model X and Model S owners who don’t have a current Spotify account will require starting a new one to listen and enjoy the music. Now drivers can listen to over 30+ million songs, ad-free in their car with the world’s most popular music service provider.

A new kind of car radio

Tesla’s move to bring Spotify to its vehicles is a perfect example of the way cars are becoming an addition of the Internet of Things. Car companies are offering wide range of features especially on their premium cars, even few have their own apps. Tesla Motors owner Elon Musk is creating unbelievable milestones in automobile and aerospace industries.

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