Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S

Here is a comparison between two of the most talked electric car models, Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S. Model X was recently revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show with the ever stylish falcon wings and Model S is the most elegant and powerful electric sedan ever made.

Specifications: Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S

All-new Tesla Model X is impressive with its looks and performance. It’s the first of its kind SUV that is released after the company’s success of selling the most loved sedan Model X.

Outlook and Performance:

Tesla Model X is 8% heavier than Model S. The model has several parts and design used in the production of Model S. Model X will have two lithium-ion battery packs similar to Model S (70-90 kWh).


Electric cars are believed to be less powerful compared to gasoline run vehicles however with companies investing huge amount of money for research and design to increase performance, Tesla has managed to prove its domination with its Model X can accelerate 0-60kmh in 3.2 seconds while Model S is bit more faster in terms of performance as it can accelerate 0-60kmh in 2.8 seconds.

Range per Miles:

There are millions of happy electric car customers worldwide saving thousands of dollars on fuel every year.

  • Tesla Model X: 250-257 miles on single charge
  • Tesla Model S: 265 miles on a single charge


Model X is the first electric car that has attained 5 star rating in all tests and very less probability of getting seriously injured. It’s the same with Model S as well, its design also gives very less probability of getting seriously injured.

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