Tesla Model S Recalled for Seat Belt Check

It has been a week since Tesla began to recall all Tesla Model S cars to check their seat belts. A total of 90000 cars are being recalled. The recall started after a car in Europe was discovered in Europe with its front seat belt not connected to the outboard lap pretensioner.  The company contacted its customers with emails. However how the company responded to the problem distinguish from the conventional recall methods by other manufacturers.

Though the company found the issue in a single car a week ago, it has not been involved in any accident. However the company then decided to inspect all its Tesla Model S cars.  The real problem that was deducted in the car was when a passenger sitting in the front seat turned to speak to the rear seat occupant the belt got disconnected. This was the problem that was identified in the Tesla Model S cars.

Similar to the regular procedures Tesla e-mailed all the car owners suggesting them to make an appointment with their local service center to get their recalled vehicle inspected.  Tesla owners who called their local service center for the appointment had their appointments booked.  However, it takes a couple of minutes to check the seat belts and fix if in any case of problems. The company is also checking and inspecting car in different locations.

Even though the fault was identified in a single Tesla Model S car, company has taken good decision to check each and every car in the series.

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