Tesla might unveil 2 electric cars in March

In March 2016, Tesla will be unveiling its next big thing the Model 3. There are speculations and rumors doing round on the internet that Tesla might unveil two electric cars this March. Though these are not confirmed, these sources are based on Elon Musk recent slide showing the progression from the Roadster to Model S to Model 3 and another car.


Source: en.wikipedia.org

Musk is known for not pre-announcing his products and features especially when he tweeted about the Model Y, which he tweeted, might have falcon wings like the Model X. However the tweet was removed but they were also doing rounds on the internet.

If the model 3 is going to be a smaller and less expensive model compared to Model S, it would be Tesla’s affordable electric car to take on mainstream cars on roads. Model X looks to be a small electric crossover from images we have seen so far. This means Tesla has completed a car in all popular segments.

One of the ways Tesla will be able to keep the Model 3 less expensive will be to charge for access to the supercharger network. The price would be low compared to you having to buy the infrastructure to charge at home. Tesla might also take the satellite radio approach and offer first 6 months of free subscription for free and then charge for it from the seventh month. Well, these are not revealed by Tesla but by industry experts.

In 2013 Musk had shown interest in making an electric truck, a pickup truck similar to Ford F-150 segments. Recently, in Hong Kong when he was asked about making an electric truck, he said it was a logical thing to do in future. So, there are possibilities for Tesla coming up with a new electric pickup truck anywhere in the next two years.

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