Tesla Electric Cars to be Made in China

Tesla Electric Cars will be made in China. Tesla Motors Inc. plans to begin production of its $76,000 and up vehicles in China within two years. Government is earnestly promoting vehicles with reduced emissions.

Production of Tesla Electric Car

Tesla’s current most production is in California. In Tilburg, The Netherlands, Tesla recently opened a plant for operations of its Model S sedan. In the first three quarters of this year, Tesla delivered 3,025 cars to Chinese consumers. Mr. Musk said that he would consider it a success if Tesla sold 5,000 vehicles or more in China in the upcoming year.

Chief Executive Elon Musk said local production could cut sales prices of Tesla cars in China by a third due to reduced shipping costs. Mr. Musk’s remarks were made at a forum on Thursday at Tsinghua University-Beijing. According to Mr.Musk, by 2030, more than half the newly produced vehicles in the world will be battery-powered and China will take the biggest share.

China is the world’s largest car market with nearly 20 million cars sold last year and the launch of Tesla Electric Cars will add more feathers to it. In addition to this, China is crucial to fulfil Mr. Musk’s ambition. The competition in the electric-car segment here is intensifying with the make of Tesla Electric Cars. It seems that the eco friendly Tesla Electric Cars will be much more compatible and comfortable.

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