Ways that Technology is Changing Beauty

Ways that Technology is Changing Beauty

Throughout history, technological development usually meant progress in various spheres of life. The impact new technologies had on the fashion world is broadly known and appreciated, but not so much when it comes to the beauty industry. However, no doubt that beauty and shopping routines changed in the last few years thanks to the creative collision of the cosmetic industry and technology. Let’s see what has changed.

Shopping is reinvented

The development of e-commerce changed the way we buy almost everything, from groceries to clothing. People usually buy books, music, apparel and consumer electronics online. However, when it comes to buying cosmetic products online, people tend to be little more frugal. Cosmetics shoppers want the real-life experience they get when shopping in stores. Cosmetic products need to be smelled or tested before purchase. That’s where the ordinary e-commerce failed, but some cosmetic companies saw the chance to take a step further. For instance, L’Oréal launched the app which serves as a tech addition to the real-life mirror. You can use your front camera to virtually try on makeup before making the decision to buy it. Back in the days, you had to rip pages out of magazines and make scrapbooks for products you wanted to try. Nowadays, there’s an app for that – it’s possible to buy a product on any website you stumble upon, through the original vendor. Even payment methods are being reshaped, especially with the development of digital wallets. You can buy alpha h products online and they come to your address in a matter of days. Online shoping are becoming very popular due to their convenience and security.


Possibilities are growing

Development of technology brings new treatments to saloons and they’re slowly becoming the norm. Freezing away fat cells, lash lifting, Nano keratin hair treatments – you name it. Thanks to science, cosmetics experts are able to do cosmetic improvements via non-invasive and non-surgical treatments. Moreover, what used to be expensive is now affordable for many. Let’s take lasers as an example. Gone are the days we used to go to a cosmetic salon to have our legs waxed. Nowadays, hair removal lasers are far more efficient and offer a permanent solution. Further on, laser systems revolutionized the skin rejuvenation treatments – they are able to remove portions of epidermis or dermis in order to make the skin fresh and healthy. With lasers treatments, there’s no risk of complications unlike with surgical procedures, not to mention the speedy recovery and lack of scars.


Customer service has changed

A colour-matching software which uses facial-recognition and mobile technology to match you with an appropriate foundation; YouTube videos and diagnostic applications; various cosmetic devices you can use at home – all of these tech improvements add up to customer experience and affect the purchasing, both online and in stores. Cosmetic products are becoming more personalised than ever. It’s often stated that this generation, the so-called millennials, don’t want to be spoken to, they want to be engaged. The shift in the beauty industry is affected by these demands. That’s why these days we have apps that can scan your skin condition and connect you with a dermatologist and YSL’s video showcasing of makeup artists using their products. Those at-home devices bring the feeling of affordable luxury. All of that is created to enhance customer service and boost interaction between the companies and the customers.



The beauty industry is worth an estimated $20bn and continues to grow at a rate of around 3% per year. However, while many other industries are thriving in this digital age, beauty didn’t really seize the given opportunities. In the past few years, cosmetic companies finally embraced the tech world openly. The major changes are already happening and they already lead to essential improvements. But, beyond this – the whole industry could be revolutionized, we just have to wait and see what happens.  

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