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4 Tips for Making a Killer Homepage


A lot of people will tell you that making a good homepage isn’t that hard. Well, with over 644 million active websites out there, many of which are your direct competitors, ‘good’ may simply not be good enough. What you need for your page is to be outstanding and this is definitely not an easy task. Keep in mind that ...

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4 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly


According to one of the recent polls, Android has become slightly more popular than Windows as internet browsing OS. Because of this, when planning your website, you need to pay special attention to its mobile-friendliness. While some may argue that mobile users prefer an application to a mobile-friendly website, the latter method is useful for desktop users as well, not ...

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4 Ways to See Just How Good Your Website Is


Even though Google rank tends to be quite insightful, it definitely isn’t the only metric showing how good your website is. Well, if this is so, then how are you to evaluate the success of your website? In order to see how good it actually is, you need to set some measurable criteria (expressed in numbers or percent). They need ...

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