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Pre-Orders of HTC VIVE from February 29

htc vive

It appears to look as if 2016 can be the year of Virtual reality with the availability of the new HTC Vive from HTC Company.  A few days after the announcement from Oculus of the price drop of its much expected Rift headset to $599, HTC disclosed its model in the name of HTC Vive will be available for pre-orders ...

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Nokia Creating 360 degree VR Camera for Live Streaming

nokia VR camera

Nokia has been in the making of the camera hardware since 2013 and its coming with a professional level VR camera. It’s a 360 degrees camera that is suitable or live broadcast. The camera is called Ozo, which is already up for pre-order. However the camera comes with a hefty price tag, $60,000. The shipping will start in the first ...

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YouTube to Make VA with 360-Degree Videos and Google Cardboard


YouTube is now moving on to the next step of entertainment with virtual reality. YouTube has recently announced in a blog post the site is now supporting 360 degrees videos. This feature along with Google Cardboard views and a Smartphone will make users feel they are in the actual scene. In the post they also mentioned it’s the same tricks ...

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Facebook Launched 360 Degree Videos

360 degree videos

Facebook introduced 360-degree videos to its newsfeed platform on September 23 giving its users a new experience. It helps to look around in every direction. The first set of 360 degree videos published by the makers of Star Wars. It was the marketing material, and it was really amazing. It was the 40th anniversary for the Star Wars Video and ...

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Virtual Reality These Days


Virtual reality, meaning a world created by a machine is basically one of the most alluring things happening in the tech world nowadays. It is basically a computer simulated environment which replicates the physical environment and can also generate seemingly real sensory cues to function similarly as they do in the real world. Virtual reality is currently one of the ...

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