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Ford’s Vision of the Electrified Version of Vehicles by 2020

electrified version

Ford has planned to invest $4.5 billion on the electrified version of the vehicles. Also announced that it will line up 13 new electric cars by 2020 for it will start a research program on electric batteries. On 10th December at a press conference in Dearborn, Mark Fields CEO of Ford announced that they will produce a more electrified version ...

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France’s Step To Control Climate Change By Reducing Car Emissions

car emissions

Climate change and car emissions Car emissions are one of the major causes of climate change. Climate Change is an unsolvable quest. Leaders all over the world are trying to solve it through a treaty. France stepped forward to cut car emissions with the help of electric cars. They are now planning for electric cars that would cost around $7,500. ...

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500 Mile Electric Cars are 10 Years Away Says Elon Musk

500 mile electric car

Elon Musk on 500 Mile Electric Cars The dropping cost of batteries signifies a change in the market soon.  The technology of battery is evolving as fast as it can, a round trip between Washington D.C. And New York on a one time charge battery can be seen and is just 10 years away, adds Elon Musk. An electric car ...

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Tag Heuer Connected: Your Guide To The Tag Android Smartwatch

android smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Connected has been unveil over in New York, among the fanfare of being the first lavishness android smartwatch. It yet had its own traditional cheese. As well as being a joint venture between Tag plus Google, it’s as well the first android smartwatch to possess an Intel chip within. Android smartwatch-Tag Heuer Connected: Design As you wouldd guess from Tag’s ...

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CUBE – The Smart Way to Charge Your Gadgets

Source: http://www.4smarts.com

Like any owner of more than one smart device, you must have already experienced the stress of home and office clutter due to entangled cables. Let’s face it: the more you love devices, the more cables you will collect in your home and office. You collect charging cables, USB cables, wall chargers, data cables and many others; the average smart ...

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TOP 5 Tech Gadgets of 2015 You Would Love To Buy


With each New Year comes new and more advanced technology and gadgets. 2015 is an exceptional year that has seen the emergence of new tech devices for the awe and amazement of many. Most of the gadgets that have become popular this year are wearables as technology is becoming more convenient and invisible with time. Here is a list of ...

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Volvo to Launch Electric Cars by 2019

electric cars

Volvo car group is getting ready to enter the Electric cars sector and begin sales from 2019. The company President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson told to reporters they are targeting a 10% global sales will be electric cars by 2020. Company believes its time to enter the electrified cars as it will be the mainstream vehicles sold in the coming ...

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Volkswagen – US Emission Scandal Hits Shares and Trust on Company

Source: simple.wikipedia.org

The German car, Volkswagen shares fell almost 30 percent on Monday. This is just after days that German carmaker admitted it has falsified emission tests in the United States of America. One of world’s leading car manufacturers is being asked to clear all the scandal matters as German will also start a probe to check if they had falsified emission ...

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