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Boost Customer Satisfaction through Social Media


Social media has become one of the integral parts of digital marketing as well as one of the main channels for communication with customers. This is why companies need to use their social media platforms wisely and not over abuse them. If you start bombarding your customers with irrelevant content through social media, there is a good chance that you ...

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How Social Media Can Elevate Your Brand


The social media ecosystem is making big waves in the business world. In an increasingly digital era, it is attracting more and more brands determined to tap into new audiences and spread awareness. Booming hubs in the league of Facebook and Twitter have global reach and an ever-growing user base. But, the results do not come easy. You cannot just ...

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Increase Public Recognition through Social Media Branding


Launching a business in terms of gathering funds, buying equipment, leasing office spaces, and determining business processes is somewhat finite. However, reaching your target audience and making people aware of your business is an ongoing task which many people fail to understand, or they don’t know how to make it happen or which tools they should be using. Putting your ...

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Avoid Common Social Media Mistakes and Boost Your Brand’s Reach


Making mistakes with your social media marketing won’t help you build your brand and can potentially ruin your online reputation. It’s also because most people regard these mistakes as inconsequential and innocent that they can be costly to your online marketing efforts. You’re probably thinking, “All right, I’ve been doing everything in my power to drive more audience, I need ...

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2017 Trends to Follow for Brand Recognition on Social Media


Marketing is a fluid, ever-changing field. Everyone is constantly hustling to get to the top and stay there as long as possible. The most important part of the marketing mission for any business is to create brand awareness. It’s been clear for a while that, nowadays, a huge chunk of our lives is lead on the internet. Social media has ...

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Staging a Business Event via Social Media


Every businessperson striving for recognition from their partners and customers should always work hard on brand promotion. If your business is popular, you’ll have a greater networking potential. This is extremely important, since having reliable contacts can skyrocket your business. In order to create and retain the buzz around their work, entrepreneurs should use some tricks from show business. For ...

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Facebook Records over $5 Billion Profit in the 4th Quarter of 2015


Facebook shares went up to 12 percent high in the last quarter of 2015 generating revenue of $5.84 billion. The network stated earning 79 cents a share on the revenue. With this growth and increased shares, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg becomes sixth richest in the planet overtaking Oracle’s Larry Ellison.  Zuckerberg’s net worth shot up to $46.25 billion which is ...

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Beta Testing: A logged-out version by Twitter

logged-out version

Beta testing: Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites and has begun its beta testing with a logged-out version. The beta testing promoted tweets and videos are mainly for the Twitter’s logged-out version’s experience.  It aims for a larger audience with a new way of providing advertisers. This method will help to increase the scale of the ...

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Make Your Life with the New Facebook Live Video Streaming

A couple of months earlier Facebook live video streaming was presented on stage, yet the new component has been just accessible to famous people, for example, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Serena Williams, and Luke Bryan.

A couple of months earlier Facebook live video streaming was presented on stage, yet the new component has been just accessible to famous people, for example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, and Luke Bryan. Beginning today, it will be revealing the support of all clients. Before long, the proletariat will have the capacity to live-stream from the stage simply ...

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Facebook to Increase Safety Check tool Post Paris Attacks

safety check tool

  The social networking site has been criticized for not alerting its users about their safety in attacks in Beirut. The tool was activated and alerted people in the region after the first time attack in Paris which indeed helped a lot of people. However, criticisms followed by saying the company didn’t activate it in the recent twin attacks in ...

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