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Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast Video Streaming Devices

Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast

It was made known through an email send from the web retailer based in Seattle to other selling outlets that the reason was that the interaction of devices with prime videos was not good and thus Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast. Other devices that are compatible with Amazon’s are not affected like their own best selling Fire TV.  This ...

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Fisker Car Manufacturer Makes A Comeback With Karma Car

karma car

The unsuccessful Fisker car manufacturing company in the US has now resurfaced with its new Karma Car. Having failed to raise the required milestone, the government froze $200 million soon after manufacturing the hybrid Karma. It was being tested by Consumer report during this turn of events. Tesla sued the company also for $1.1 million after hurricane sandy had destroyed ...

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Google to Launch 10.2-Inch Pixel C Tablet with Android Marshmallow

Pixel C tablet

Google will launch its premium Pixel C tablet with Android Marshmallow later this year. Android tablets have been successful and received well by consumers worldwide however it hasn’t been able to reach out like Apple iPad. One of the main reasons for this is because consumers believe Android apps are not optimized for larger screen sizes while iOS apps are ...

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Tesla to Deliver Longest Electric Car Range Limits Soon

Electric car range limits

Electric car range limits has always been a worry for electric car manufacturers.  With the company spending billions in research and developing high end efficient batteries for their cars, Company hopes to conquer the car range limits soon. The Company CEO Elon Musk stated the company will have electric car batteries that will have electric car range limits of 746 ...

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Solid Battery Can Increase Electric Car Range – Bosch

electric car range

Bosch says electric cars with solid state battery can increase electric car range. The range is always a concern for every electric car manufacturer. Companies are investing billions of dollars for research and development to increase car ranges yet deliver high performance. German electronics company Bosch had stated that it is working on solid state battery for electric cars which ...

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Apple vs Samsung – Court Sides Apple in Patent War

Apple vs Samsung

In a 2-1 ruling, Apple vs Samsung Patent war, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington has sided Apple which might force Samsung stop using various features in its smartphones which are found to have infringed Apple’s patents. It brings a lot of relief to Apple Inc. after 4 long years since the dispute started. Apple ...

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Instagram added new feature to involve more young users.


To keep the messaging service Snapchat, Facebook Inc’s Instagram has added a new feature on Tuesday by which the users would be able to chat and share photos and videos in group and private conversation. The Instagram is prominent among 300 million users. It is focusing on the upgrade to involve more audience as the youngsters are already addicted to ...

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