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Blackberry Company Slated To Release 3 Blackberry Android Phones In 2017.

3 Blackberry Android Phones

Having faced stiff competition from the top companies the company plans to launch a massive comeback to the market by unveiling 3 Blackberry Android Phones by 2017 in the market. The news from the Blackberry officials played a critical role to the blackberry users. The 3 Blackberry Android Phones expected in the Market include Blackberry Neon, Blackberry Argon, and Blackberry ...

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HTC Vive Consumer Edition Available For Pre-orders

HTC Vive Consumer Edition

The HTC Vive Consumer Edition is one of the awaited devices by the technological geeks. At the moment, the device has just landed and it is ready to arrive at your doorsteps. The HTC Vive was launched almost one year ago but it will be ready for ordered and preorders as from 5th of April 2016. This virtual reality system ...

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Defective Takata Air Bags – Over 5 Million Cars Recalled

Takata air bags

Daimler recalled 840,000 vehicles in the United States for defective Takata air bags.  In a day after that, car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen are recalling around 1.7 million vehicles that have Takata air bags. The move is to bring over 5.1 million vehicles with defective Takata air bags. The U.S safety regulators announced the recalls after a ...

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