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Samsung to Launch Samsung Note 6

Samsung to Launch Samsung Note 6

Seven months ago, Samsung launched its S-series phablet, Galaxy Note 5. Rumors for its successor, Galaxy Note 6 are now on. The Galaxy Note 6is expected to be launched in July according to Korean website known as the Bell. The website states that the phablet is set to be released on mid-July and has being codenamed the ‘Grace’. The handset ...

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Germany Needs to Push its Electric Car Sales to Attain Target

electric car

Germany is falling short of attaining its target of having a million electric cars on its streets by 2020. It feels something special has to be done to achieve the target. The government is currently considering a $5,419 incentive (5,000 Euros) to lure prospective buyers. However it’s not clear if it’s a good deal for buyers or can the money ...

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Defective Takata Air Bags – Over 5 Million Cars Recalled

Takata air bags

Daimler recalled 840,000 vehicles in the United States for defective Takata air bags.  In a day after that, car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen are recalling around 1.7 million vehicles that have Takata air bags. The move is to bring over 5.1 million vehicles with defective Takata air bags. The U.S safety regulators announced the recalls after a ...

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Google Paid $1B to Apple to keep its Search Bar in iOS


According to an Oracle lawyer, Google had paid $1B US dollars to Apple to be its default iOS search engine provider. Google paid the funds as part of its revenue sharing with Apple. However exact details are unclear and not revealed to the public but it’s believed Google has handed over the share generated from through the iOS device search. ...

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt – 200 Mile Range for $30000

chevrolet bolt

There are a lot of talks going about electric cars, with Tesla and Faraday Future taking the automobile industry to the next level General Motors, Chevrolet Bolt is to become the first mainstream electric car of the world. The next edition, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt will be the car to look out for various reasons. One of the main reasons ...

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Clay Bavor a new head for Google’s Virtual reality Business

Google's Virtual reality Business

Clay Bavor will be the VP for the product management and his responsibility is to take care of  Google’s Virtual Realty Business. VentureBeat late got the confirmation from Google on Tuesday about the head of Google’s Virtual reality Business. Joshu Cruz, Google’s spokesman emailed the confirmation about the new role on the Google’s Virtual reality Business. His confirmation states that, ...

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Project Tango: Lenovo and Google partner to build up Consumer Phablet

Project Tango

Project Tango of Google and Lenovo is now sized for Smartphones. Lenovo is working with Google for the past one year to find a mainstream use for the experimental project Tango technology of Google.  We are now getting information about the first Tango device for the consumers. It is pretty difficult to explain exactly what Project Tango technology actually does. ...

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Google and Ford Partner to Launch Self-Driving Cars by 2020

Google and Ford

Internet giant Google and Ford are in talks to produce self driving cars by 2020. Google wants to produce vehicles that have sensors built to it. The discussions between the two companies are mainly focused in developing designs for advanced car technologies and increase pace in companies efforts to make self driving cars. The partnership between Google and Ford will ...

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National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) Announces the Launch of Five Electric Cars By 2018

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS)

Saab owner after acquiring the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012 and facing various financial problems, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is back in the game with its latest announcement of launching five next-generation electric cars over the course of three years in the Chinese market. The Announcement  National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) President Mattias Bergman spoke at the StoraBildagen ...

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