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5 Ways Old-School Marketing Helps Your Digital Presence


Old-school vs. digital marketing is a pointless debate that insists for one to choose between methods that can be so effective when used together. Sure, it’s more than obvious that your digital marketing can be used in order to boost the reach and popularity of your business in the real world. Nonetheless, not many people think about various ways in ...

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How an App can Help Promote Your SMB


Nowadays, having an app is essential when it comes to promoting your business online. This is especially significant due to the fact that Americans spend more time on their mobile phones than watching television. Creating an app can be difficult, especially if you do not have any technical expertise. Luckily, even if you lack programming knowledge, you will be able ...

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Virtual Companions of a Digital Marketer


Every digital marketer has plenty of tools in his arsenal. There are literally thousands of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there; some are free while others are paid for. Most of those tools are similar and offer similar services. In order to be successful in this line of business, you have to know which ones to choose and which are ...

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Facebook Records over $5 Billion Profit in the 4th Quarter of 2015


Facebook shares went up to 12 percent high in the last quarter of 2015 generating revenue of $5.84 billion. The network stated earning 79 cents a share on the revenue. With this growth and increased shares, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg becomes sixth richest in the planet overtaking Oracle’s Larry Ellison.  Zuckerberg’s net worth shot up to $46.25 billion which is ...

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Google Testing New Log-in Method without Typing Password


Google is testing a new authentication method to allow users to login their account without typing their long string of characters or called passwords. The company stated they have been testing this feature for some time with a group of enthusiasts. It is unsure when the feature will be available to the general public. The new testing process comes after ...

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Beta Testing: A logged-out version by Twitter

logged-out version

Beta testing: Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites and has begun its beta testing with a logged-out version. The beta testing promoted tweets and videos are mainly for the Twitter’s logged-out version’s experience.  It aims for a larger audience with a new way of providing advertisers. This method will help to increase the scale of the ...

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New Facebook Fundraiser Tool and Donate Button

Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has improved the donate button and also adds new Facebook fundraiser tools to the site. These featuers are for non profit organizations to reach new supporters and enage their community. This will also help them to get valuable funding from their respected supporters to keep continuing their good social work. The main advantage of the Facebook fundraiser tool is ...

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Considering a Job as a Web Developer?

Source: https://pixabay.com

Are you looking for a job that has high upward mobility, a low stress level, and lots of flexibility? Think about becoming a web developer. According to an article on USNews.com, web developers have more options than people working in many other careers. If you’re looking for a career change, this might just be it. Web developers such as the ...

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4 Steps for Starting Your Own Business Today

Source: Flickr, StockMonkeys.com

People would have advised you that starting a business is very hard or starting a business is a child’s play. Ironically, both are false. Starting business is not very hard if you plan your process and perform it in an organized manner. It is not a child’s play as you need to be very attentive and open to all changes ...

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