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Technology & Tattoos: ‘Smart’ Tattoo Controls Your Phone


Technology is advancing fast and it has found its way into our body art. Tattoos are not taboo anymore and now you can even control your phones with them. Yes, it is possible, since a group of PhD students from MIT Media Lab, along with the Microsoft Researchers have come up with the most amazing wearables. We are talking about ...

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LeSEE Electric Sedan Posed To Challenge Tesla Model S.

LeSEE Electric Sedan

When Tesla Model S Electric car was released into the market it really rocked the EV market as one of the top electric vehicle one can own. The LeEco Company, which is the Chinese media company, has gone further to unveil a unique vehicle that might poise as a great challenge to the Tesla Model S in the EV industry. ...

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Luxury Electric Cars – Audi to Take on Tesla

Luxury Electric Cars

The war on luxury electric cars is getting hotter every month this year. With several car manufactures such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc. revealing their luxury electric cars concepts and models in the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi has entered the scene revealing it will work on a couple of luxury SUV and Sedan electric cars. Audi will first work on its ...

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Freelance and Hire with Bitcoins

Source: Wikipedia.org

Are you a freelancer or employer? If so, then have you heard of Bitcoin? Cryptogrind is a new start-up company which allows users to advertise their skills and post freelance gigs in exchange for Bitcoins. Bitcoin allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly with a click of a button. Imagine you wanted to hire somebody in India, ...

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