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The Latest HTC Vive Releases that You should Not Miss-Out

Latest HTC Vive Releases

HTC Vive Owners have been receiving tremendous content updates every month. The HTC Vive headsets are rated as the top VR headsets at the moment because of its VR content that are normally released during the week. Determining the best content in terms of the VR game and VR app has become quite hectic. We have made this simpler by ...

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Pre-Orders of HTC VIVE from February 29

htc vive

It appears to look as if 2016 can be the year of Virtual reality with the availability of the new HTC Vive from HTC Company.  A few days after the announcement from Oculus of the price drop of its much expected Rift headset to $599, HTC disclosed its model in the name of HTC Vive will be available for pre-orders ...

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Apple Buys Startup Company Emotient


Apple buys the startup company Emotient, an artificial intelligence company that specializes in facial recognition technology. It interprets people’s emotions every time they watch or experience any videos or any other media. However, much information was not revealed by Apple on its plans for the California based company. Emotient has tailored its facial recognition tool to help advertising in various ...

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TOP 5 Tech Gadgets of 2015 You Would Love To Buy


With each New Year comes new and more advanced technology and gadgets. 2015 is an exceptional year that has seen the emergence of new tech devices for the awe and amazement of many. Most of the gadgets that have become popular this year are wearables as technology is becoming more convenient and invisible with time. Here is a list of ...

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