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5 Apps all Car Owners Should Have


Technology has definitely made some enormous changes to how we use our cars by both changing the cars and the ways we interact with them. If we are to believe the proponents of self-driving cars, we are actually living in the last days of the traditional car ownership. A big part of this changing relationship with cars are the apps ...

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Is iPhone 7 Camera Good Enough for Blogging?


A good blog post is a combination of text, images and other multimedia elements. Having a photograph in your text makes it more visually appealing, but you can’t just put any image. Sure, you can use some of the online services where you can find photos of literally anything, but your readers will always appreciate more when the pictures are ...

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iPhone 7 Variants coming in 2016 and 2017.

iPhone 7 Variants coming in 2016 and 2017.

The tremendous growth of the technological levels in the world has made most of the phone manufacturing companies.  As we reach the mid of the year, some iPhones phones have already been released to the market this includes the iPhone SE. There are also other phones that are highly anticipated in the market come the end of 2016 and 2017. ...

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Insta360 Nano VR Camera Compatible With iPhone 6.

Insta360 Nano VR Camera

As days fold and unfold tremendous technological developments on the VR technology continue to be unleashed on the market. At the moment the Insta360 Nano VR camera has been released, and it’s now compatible with the iPhone 6. This is one of the significant steps in bringing the VR technology to the phones. The Insta360 Nano VR Camera is one ...

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The Technology Behind The Bendable Smartphone.

The First Bendable Smartphone.

Technological geeks are incorporating a lot of creativity and innovation in unveiling the latest technological gadgets in the world. As the day folds and the nights unfold various technological developments are being unveiled and inventing a Bendable Smartphone is one of the top moves by the Chinese company. The Chinese tech firm are the one behind this technology. They have unveiled ...

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The Apple Electric Car Might Be Availed by 2020 Says Tesla’s Elon Musk.

The Apple Electric Car

Electric car technology and the virtual reality technology and two latest technologies that are shaping our current world with their technological diversity. As other telecommunication companies are busy investing in the virtual technologies there is amid speculation that the Apple company has turned towards the electric car technology. Various blogs are buzzing around the new Apple Electric car. The Apple ...

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The Price of Sony Xperia E5 Smartphone announced officially.

The Price of Xperia E5 Smartphone announced officially.

The Sony Company is one of the highly trending companies in the world at the moment. This is attributed to the fact that the company is launching its new products into the telecommunication industry. This includes the Xperia XA smartphone and the Xperia X smartphone and not forgetting the Sony Xperia E5 smartphone. These are amazing smartphones that are under ...

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Motorola Moto X 2016 to Be Launched Soon

Motorola Moto X 2016 to Be Launched Soon.

The Motorola Moto X smartphone is one of the latest smartphones that is highly anticipated in this year of 2016. The Moto X 2016 smartphone is expected to provide a stiff competition to the lately released smartphones in the telecommunication industry. This include smartphones such as: IPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC Note smartphone. According to the latest ...

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Asus Zenfone 3, Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra and the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe Launched By Asus.

Asus Zenfone

The Asus telecommunication company is one of the highly ranked companies in the market at the moment. This is after they launched 3 telecommunication gadget in the market. i.e. the Asus Zenfone 3, Zenfone 3 Ultra and the Zenfone  3 Deluxe. The three superb phones were launched in the Zenvolution press event that took place in Computex Taipei 2016.  The ...

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