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iPhone 7 Will Ditch Headphone Jack – Latest Rumor

iphone 7

Here is the latest rumor on iPhone 7, the phone will ditch the headphone jack.  The news according to the latest rumor shows Apple might ditch the standard 3.5 mm head which would favor Lightning based headphones. From the beginning of computers and walkman to latest smart phones, every device has a 3.5mm headphone jack. If the rumor is to ...

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Steve Jobs Dreamed About Apple Car in 2008

apple car

A former iPod Chief and Nest CEO Tony Fadell said that Steve Jobs had considered about creating Apple car in 2008. Fadell revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that Steve Jobs had strongly considered about an Apple built car and the two had several discussions too. However, nothing began officially when Fadell was still at Apple. The most interesting discussions ...

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Apple Removes 250 iOS Apps that Collects Users Private Data


Apple has removed over 250 iOS Apple from its app store after finding these apps have been accessing private data of users. The information was revealed by SourceDNA, security research team that found over 250 apps removed from the store that were able to collect users personal data such as email and device identification numbers. These violate Apple’s security guidelines ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Specs and Features Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is due to release in the beginning of 2016. There have been very less info revealed about the Galaxy S7 and here are the latest details that surfaced. Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in different chipsets in different markets such as Exynos 7422, Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820. Exynos 8890 will be more powerful and ...

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iOS Ad Blockers Unveil Faster Browsing By Saving Money

ios Ad Blocker

iOS Ad Blockers let users surf internet by eliminating annoying ads. Saves time by limiting popping ads and same can be seen in the latest iOS 9 version too. According to the NYT study, the task of iOS Ad Blockers is to save users’ time without distracting from the targeted web page. On the event of launching all new iOS ...

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28th of Sep, 2015


NASA finds liquid salt water flowing on Mars In what can turn to be one of the greatest discoveries of modern times, NASA has confirmed that there is liquid water on the surface of Mars! According to this paper published on Natural Geosciences, NASA made the breakthrough announcement of liquid flowing saltwater. Scientists had speculated for years about the possibility ...

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25th of Sep, 2015


The iPhone 6S touch screen now makes typing a lot easier If you’re one of those who types a lot on your mobile touch screen, chances are that you may have been annoyed by one particular issue. The issue is when you make that occasional typo, you want to move your cursor back to the spot for editing but have ...

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Apple iOS 9 Update for all its Devices

Apple iOS 9 Update

Apple iOS 9 update comes with several benefits for its users. The main feature of the latest update is the ability to return to the previously used app by tapping a small line of text. This is a relief and makes it more user-friendly. Apple Inc. is on its way to dominate the future technology industry. From smartphones, tabs and ...

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Chinese Pre-Order Sales of Apple iPhone 6S Boost Total Sales

iPhone 6S

Apple officials stated that iPhone 6S had a good level of pre-orders in the opening weekend and is expected to cross the 10 million target achieved by its predecessor iPhone 6 last year. Apple’s iPhone 6S is the first phone available for pre purchase in Mainland China including Greater China (Hong Kong and Taiwan). Greater China has already put up ...

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Apple TV with Siri Remote will be Released in October

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Here’s the latest update from the Apple which is ready to roll out Apple TV with Siri remote in October this year. The company has announced its tie-up with HBO and will give all its viewers the broadcaster’s series even before anyone else can get them. The TV comes with the set-top-box which will be the main control hub. It ...

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