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Insta360 Nano VR Camera Compatible With iPhone 6.

Insta360 Nano VR Camera

As days fold and unfold tremendous technological developments on the VR technology continue to be unleashed on the market. At the moment the Insta360 Nano VR camera has been released, and it’s now compatible with the iPhone 6. This is one of the significant steps in bringing the VR technology to the phones. The Insta360 Nano VR Camera is one ...

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Apple Company Ventures into Electric Car Technology by Exploring the Charging Infrastructure for the EVs.

Apple Ventures into Electric Car Technology by Exploring the Charging Infrastructure for the EVs.

Apple Company is one of the common technological companies that has earned a top spot in the in the industry through their amazing technological innovation. This time they are planning to venture into the Electric Car technology by designing an amazing electric car battery for the EVs. According to amid reports the apple company is holding talks with the key ...

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BlackBerry Priv Ready For Marshmallow Update.

BlackBerry Priv Ready For Marshmallow Update.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is one of the latest OS that was released in the year 2016. Most of the Android OS phones are looking forward to being equipped with this type of OS. It comes with latest and unique features that are why its being rated as among the top OS in 2016. The BlackBerry Company announced that this OS ...

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The Best Phones To Own In 2016.

The Best Phones To Own In 2016

2016 has been one of the anticipated years with many companies in the technological industry agitating for more products. In order to remain on top of the telecommunication industry or even acquire that top spot then Companies must work more than they do. This is seen on the latest phones being released in this ear. The phones that are being ...

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Things you need to know about iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has already been released and its ready in the market for purchase. This is one of the latest phones to be flagged in this year from the apple company. Its specs and images have been highly leaked and hyped on the social media platform by the apple lovers. Apple is one of the largest mobile phone companies ...

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Apple’s Revenue Machine iPhone Charm is Slowing Down


Apple had an incredible start and growth in its iPhone business but in recent years the iPhone business is slowing down. The technology giant announced it sold 74.8 million iPhones during the first quarter of last year which is a solid achievement by its standards. Though it had a good opening to the year with record sales, the numbers reduced ...

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Facebook Updates iOS App to Get the Best out of Apple’s 3D Touch


Facebook has updated its iOS app by adding new 3D touch features. This feature will make the app more interesting for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users worldwide.  3D touch actions on the app will let users to make advantage of the “peep and pop” actions on profiles, events, groups, profile pictures, pages, cover photos, photos, profile pictures, etc. ...

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Apple to Launch Wireless Earphones with iPhone 7

iPhone 7

There have been a lot of reports and rumors of the iPhone 7 to not have the regular earphone 3.5 mm headphone jack. The company is currently working with Beats Electronics (an electronic products company it acquired two years ago) to make wireless earphones. The main reason why the new iPhone 7 wireless earphone is talked a lot is for ...

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Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6

Smart Battery case for iPhone6

A latest product from Apple released today is the Apple-branded Smart battery case for iPhone 6. This will be good news for everyone who feels iPhone 6 doesn’t have enough battery life. The Smart battery case will extend the battery life of the iPhone up to 25 hours. The iconic Apple breaks its own record with a new release of ...

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