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National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) Announces the Launch of Five Electric Cars By 2018

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS)

Saab owner after acquiring the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012 and facing various financial problems, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is back in the game with its latest announcement of launching five next-generation electric cars over the course of three years in the Chinese market. The Announcement  National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) President Mattias Bergman spoke at the StoraBildagen ...

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From Economical to Super Sports Electric Cars Unveiled in Frankfurt Auto Show 2015

electric cars

The 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show has unveiled several electric cars for the first time. With every car manufacturer revealing their powerful super to economical and affordable cars, there is a huge pick of electric cars that made sensation. The big news from the electric cars from Frankfurt Auto Show is that big prestigious names from the car industry are going to ...

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