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Google company stats in real time

Google data in real time

Few days ago I have stumbled upon an interesting info-graphics. It was about Google. Did you ever wonder how big is Google? How fast is it growing and how much money they spend? Now you can see that in real time. Simply click on the image and it will take you there.

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Four consecutive lightning strikes at Google centre


All the data from one of the data centres of Google in Belgium has wiped from the discs due to lightning. As a result of this, few people have lost their files. A number of discs have been damaged by lightning, but they were accessible after some time. Typically, data centres require more protection from lightning as compared to the ...

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18th of August, 2015


Google working on a new stylish, efficient and easy-to-use Wi-Fi Router Gone are the days of troubles setting up your home Wi-Fi router and the various interference you’ve had to encounter. Google is coming up with a solution to all those problems by partnering with TP-LINK, and are coming up with a new wireless internet router named OnHub. This new ...

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Google’s Niantic Labs will go solo to work independently


Niantic lab, which was a part of Google will become an independent company. On Wednesday, the move was announced by the lab on Google+ post and Winnie King, a spokeswoman for Goggle confirmed it. The spokeswoman said that the split would be beneficial for the growth of Niantic,”which will help them align more closely with investors and partners in the ...

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Cortana can replace Google on Android phone


Private beta members have got to know the new features of Cortana for Android. After installing Cortana, you have the option to replace Google with it. Google page on Nexus or Google Now Launcher is not replaced by Cortana, if swiped from left to right. Cortana has been prevailing on Android devices because it has replaced at least one instance ...

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