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Google Testing New Log-in Method without Typing Password


Google is testing a new authentication method to allow users to login their account without typing their long string of characters or called passwords. The company stated they have been testing this feature for some time with a group of enthusiasts. It is unsure when the feature will be available to the general public. The new testing process comes after ...

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Latest, Leaked and Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

The latest leak of Samsung Galaxy S7 that is in its production stage has hit the web. The allegedly live photos of the trending Samsung Galaxy S7 was present in the new report which comes after all rumours and previous leak of Samsung Galaxy S7. Weibo report: the leak of Samsung Galaxy S7 A Korean tipster “Slash Gear” from the ...

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Cyber security : State-Sponsored attacks

State-Sponsored attacks

Twitter Inc alerted some of its users with a warning of the state-sponsored attacks. The first warning from the micro blogging site indicates that the state-sponsored attacks have made a trial to obtain some sensitive data from the user accounts. The notice from the company said that there was no such indication of the hackers who targeted “small group of ...

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Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6

Smart Battery case for iPhone6

A latest product from Apple released today is the Apple-branded Smart battery case for iPhone 6. This will be good news for everyone who feels iPhone 6 doesn’t have enough battery life. The Smart battery case will extend the battery life of the iPhone up to 25 hours. The iconic Apple breaks its own record with a new release of ...

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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Rumors

samsung galaxy s7

The most expected Smartphone from Samsung is the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. It is expected and predicted it will be 10 percent cheaper when compared to the Galaxy S6 which is its predecessor. The smartphone is expected to be launched in the month of February. The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S7 and its features were widespread. Rumors about processor of ...

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Google Self Driving Car Pulled Over by Cops in California

self driving cars

A Californian cop had a first of its kind of experience when he had to pull over an autonomous Google self driving car for driving too slow. The picture was shared by Google on its car site. The reason it was pulled over was for driving so slow. As we know Google’s autonomous self driving prototype vehicles go at a ...

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Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow for Developers Worldwide


TensorFlow is the next generation machine learning system used by Google for various products such as Google Inbox, Google Search and Photos app. An earlier version of the learning technology was dubbed as DistBelief was made available for developers online to build large networks. Though it’s making it an open source project, it is difficult to configure the system and ...

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YouTube to Make VA with 360-Degree Videos and Google Cardboard


YouTube is now moving on to the next step of entertainment with virtual reality. YouTube has recently announced in a blog post the site is now supporting 360 degrees videos. This feature along with Google Cardboard views and a Smartphone will make users feel they are in the actual scene. In the post they also mentioned it’s the same tricks ...

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Google Plans to Combine Chrome OS and Android

Chrome OS

Google is planning to merge its computer Chrome OS and mobile Android OS. The new operating system will be released in the year 2017. However early version of the software will be unveiled next year. It’s been quite some time since Google started to work on merging the two operating system.  It is now the company has made some real ...

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Alphabet, Formerly Google, Shares Jump after Share Buyback


The new holding company for Google is Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), introduced its first share buyback. It beat the profit forecast by Wall Street. The gain comes to a first time highest ever level due to its video advertising and solid progress in mobile industry. The company’s profit and revenue both increased well above the forecast with unexpected buyback. Wall Street ...

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