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World’s First 3D Printed Car for $53,000 Created by Local Motors

3d Printed Car - LM3D

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Local Motors revealed the first 3D printed car, LM3D Swim. This vehicle will create a revolution as it will be available for just $53,000. The car will be available from 2016. Surely the car helps to reduce production costs and let customer’s influence on its design. A Local Motors community member, Kevin Lo designed ...

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Autonomous Electric Car: The Concept of Nissan IDS

Nissan IDS

A peep into the future: Nissan IDS At the Tokyo Motor Show, The Nissan IDS concept has been revealed giving a glimpse of what electric-car ownership could be like many years into the future. A few more hints are also provided reflecting what’s in store for the second-generation Nissan Leaf. The Nissan IDS Concept includes a suite of items that ...

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General Motors and LG Partners for High Range Electric Cars

General Motors and LG

General Motors and LG are joining hands to make electric cars together. GM is widely known in the electric car market with their green car, Chevrolet Bolt. It is expected LG will be working a major role in the production of next generation of Chevrolet Bolt. LG will be responsible to provide all the required components for the electric cars ...

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Microsoft Ties Up With Abb For Launching The Innovative Charging Platform For Electric Car


Microsoft joins with ABB – one of the leading automation technology Company of Swiss for launching an innovative quick charging services platform for electric vehicle. ABB has around 1,40,000 employees all over the word and Zurich-based ABB is one among the huge engineering firms in the world. ABB had provided quick charging stations for electric cars for a while and ...

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Volvo to Launch Electric Cars by 2019

electric cars

Volvo car group is getting ready to enter the Electric cars sector and begin sales from 2019. The company President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson told to reporters they are targeting a 10% global sales will be electric cars by 2020. Company believes its time to enter the electrified cars as it will be the mainstream vehicles sold in the coming ...

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VW to Overcome Diesel Scandal with More VW Electric Cars

VW electric cars

The emission scandal hit Volkswagen is planning to overcome the current situation with few clean diesel cars and more VW electric cars and hybrids. Here is some general information about VW auto manufacturing methods. Unlike other manufacturers, VW makes its vehicles from “ToolKits”, which are sets of completely engineered components of cars that can be combined to form automobiles. It’s ...

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Fisker Car Manufacturer Makes A Comeback With Karma Car

karma car

The unsuccessful Fisker car manufacturing company in the US has now resurfaced with its new Karma Car. Having failed to raise the required milestone, the government froze $200 million soon after manufacturing the hybrid Karma. It was being tested by Consumer report during this turn of events. Tesla sued the company also for $1.1 million after hurricane sandy had destroyed ...

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Luxurious Tesla Model X Revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla Model X

The fastest, safest and capable sport utility electric car ever made. A seven seater car with adequate space for gears as well.  It is equipped with a 90 kWh battery that gives you up to 250 miles range limit. It is also a 4 – wheel drive car. The car is very powerful and can reach 0-60 within 3.8 seconds. ...

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Soon electric cars would be charging while driving

Full electric recharging at a shopping center garage 1

Consumers are not enjoying driving electric trucks and cars because of the charging station required to recharge them every time they move. The solar cell can be an answer to the electric cars. Most of the cells have failed to charge lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Image Source – en.wikipedia.org The researchers at ...

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