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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs: Digital Nomads 101


Steve Roberts was the world’s first digital nomad. He started his 14,000 miles-long bicycle odyssey in 1983 and wrote hundreds of articles on his Model 100 portable computer while being on the road. A lot of things changed since the eighties. Emergence of Skype, PayPal, Upwork and Slack, enabled many people to create the perfect synergy between their career and a nomad ...

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Turning Technology into Your Number One Employee

A futuristic man

There is no longer doubt that technology is the future of modern business. Generation Y, which is quickly becoming one of the most important target audiences, is literally addicted to both the internet and their smartphones. This means that they are far more likely to order food via an application rather than doing so with a phone call or by ...

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4 Steps for Starting Your Own Business Today

Source: Flickr, StockMonkeys.com

People would have advised you that starting a business is very hard or starting a business is a child’s play. Ironically, both are false. Starting business is not very hard if you plan your process and perform it in an organized manner. It is not a child’s play as you need to be very attentive and open to all changes ...

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