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EV Superchargers

Tesla Set To Install EV Superchargers in Gas Stations. Tesla is one of the highly recommended numbers Electric car makers in the world. They will do anything to ensure that their clients are very comfortable when using their products. Having introduced the autopilot feature in their electric cars. The Tesla EVs are also ranked as the safest vehicles in the ...

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First Orbital Rocket Landed by SpaceX


SpaceX, The aerospace company created history by sending the first ever orbital rocket into space and successfully landing it back on the ground. It is a milestone for the company that has been working for several years on achieving this rare milestone. This could be the beginning of a new era of spaceflight that are run on reusable rockets unlike. ...

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Reason behind Electric Vehicle Insurance Being High

electric vehicle insurance

The main reason of the electric vehicle insurance being high is because the spare parts are amazingly high. The level of electric vehicle insurance is higher by 21% as compared to gasoline vehicles. This is according to NerdWallet which conducted a research the gasoline vehicle insurance and electric car insurance. Despite the fact that you will have left the task of ...

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