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Project Tango: Lenovo and Google partner to build up Consumer Phablet

Project Tango

Project Tango of Google and Lenovo is now sized for Smartphones. Lenovo is working with Google for the past one year to find a mainstream use for the experimental project Tango technology of Google.  We are now getting information about the first Tango device for the consumers. It is pretty difficult to explain exactly what Project Tango technology actually does. ...

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Are there probabilities of heading into electric car crisis?

electric car

What to know is that if we are aware of heading into the electric car crisis. The one important recent trend in automobile that we are witnessing in the increase of trade shows is the electrification. The car industry has been moving towards more electric vehicles and hybrids for quite some time. The current year CES has very nearly made ...

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Apple Buys Startup Company Emotient


Apple buys the startup company Emotient, an artificial intelligence company that specializes in facial recognition technology. It interprets people’s emotions every time they watch or experience any videos or any other media. However, much information was not revealed by Apple on its plans for the California based company. Emotient has tailored its facial recognition tool to help advertising in various ...

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Netflix is now available in almost every country


Video streaming site, Netflix is now available in 130 countries. The company launched its services in these countries except China. The site has been having a pretty slow growth in the United States which has made the company take the site to the world. The shares of the company have also rose by 5.5%. This is definitely a great move ...

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How to Sleep Less without Losing Your Health

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

The mind is a very powerful tool. The body reacts to its beliefs. We have been told since childhood that we have to have eight hours of sleep straight, but, is it possible that our bodies can actually do with less sleep over a long period of time? You will say perhaps not. How can it be possible? One night ...

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World’s First 3D Printed Car for $53,000 Created by Local Motors

3d Printed Car - LM3D

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Local Motors revealed the first 3D printed car, LM3D Swim. This vehicle will create a revolution as it will be available for just $53,000. The car will be available from 2016. Surely the car helps to reduce production costs and let customer’s influence on its design. A Local Motors community member, Kevin Lo designed ...

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New PC models with simplest possible setup

Source: Wikipedia.org

Modularity is taking shape as the next phase of computing. Acer has announced a modular style of PC with customers getting to build up the device and system in a very simple manner. Consumers would need to build up the system by assembling the units that suit their requirement. This is a trend that makes it unnecessary to open up ...

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