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Ransomware – The Cyber-Villain of 2016


One thing is always constant when cybersecurity is in question – nothing is constant. It is a field that changes very rapidly and where the attackers and the security providers are interlocked in an eternal battle for the security of the end user – the Average Joe or Jane. From time to time, a cyber threat becomes so widespread and ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin

Image Source: www.flickr.com

You must have heard about Bitcoin already – it is a form of digital currency which is being given the limelight recently. Before you understand what Bitcoin is, you have to understand what digital currency it – it is the money that is entirely collected and stored on a virtual platform. Saying Bitcoin is just a digital currency though, would ...

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Freelance and Hire with Bitcoins

Source: Wikipedia.org

Are you a freelancer or employer? If so, then have you heard of Bitcoin? Cryptogrind is a new start-up company which allows users to advertise their skills and post freelance gigs in exchange for Bitcoins. Bitcoin allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly with a click of a button. Imagine you wanted to hire somebody in India, ...

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