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Apple to open iOS App Development Center in Europe

iOS App

Tech giant Apple is on a verge to open its first iOS App development center in Naples, Italy. The company will also provide required training and practical skills for developers to contribute to the growing app ecosystem. The company will partner with an unnamed local institution to design its already designed iOS developer community. This will be the first attempt ...

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Apple Buys Faceshift – A Company which Expertise in Capturing Motion

Apple buys Faceshift

Apple Buys Faceshift – Apple has outspokenly confirmed the acquisition of buying Faceshit. Faceshift is a Zurich based company. Apple buys Faceshift which is already up and running on Star Wars-The force Awakens. Rumours in the market started a couple of months back. Finally, Apple confirms that it has brought Faceshift from TechCrunch. The news Apple buys Faceshift has blown ...

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A Small Review on the Costly iPad Pro Tablet

iPad Pro

The 13 inch iPad Pro is a super tablet that is aimed at professionals who would need to access mails and programs on the go. With the new design and optional keyboard with it can at any times called a replacement for laptops. This tablet cost around $800 and if you need cellular coverage, it will cost you around $1080. ...

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Games are Trending in Apple TV App Store

Apple TV App Store

Games are trending in Apple TV App store like never before. It has been just over a week since Apple TV hit consumer’s living rooms but games are already dominating the paid charts. In simple words, Apple is inspiring and tempting gamers and game developers to its new platform. One of the main features is playing games on a bigger ...

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