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5 Apps all Car Owners Should Have


Technology has definitely made some enormous changes to how we use our cars by both changing the cars and the ways we interact with them. If we are to believe the proponents of self-driving cars, we are actually living in the last days of the traditional car ownership. A big part of this changing relationship with cars are the apps ...

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How Tech Changes the Way We do Personal Finances


Up until relatively recently, only the most meticulous and focused people truly had a hang of their finances. Sure, most of us know how much we earn and where our money is going, but for the majority, personal finances was something that others did. Thanks to the innumerable technological advances over the last couple of decades, this has changed. People ...

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Turning Technology into Your Number One Employee

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There is no longer doubt that technology is the future of modern business. Generation Y, which is quickly becoming one of the most important target audiences, is literally addicted to both the internet and their smartphones. This means that they are far more likely to order food via an application rather than doing so with a phone call or by ...

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How Smartphones Changed the Way We Travel

Travel smartphone

Before the dawn of the smartphone, we had cellphones that occasionally contained a useful tool. With this new generation of mobile communication devices, everything has changed. Name a day when you hadn’t seen someone diving deep into the screen of their phone, scrolling ridiculously with their thumb. Smartphones have changed the way we live and therefore, the way we travel. ...

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Virtual Companions of a Digital Marketer


Every digital marketer has plenty of tools in his arsenal. There are literally thousands of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there; some are free while others are paid for. Most of those tools are similar and offer similar services. In order to be successful in this line of business, you have to know which ones to choose and which are ...

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Latest Virtual Arcade is yet to be launched: NewRetroArcade.

Latest Virtual Arcade is yet to be launched: NewRetroArcade.

Gaming in the VR platform is one of the current and trending technologies in the world at the moment. Most of the hardcore gamer prefer this platform for the gaming purpose due to the intrinsic gaming experience that it render. HTC vive is one of the headsets that is commonly preferred for the gaming purposes. This is seen n the ...

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9 Home Safety and Security Apps for Smartphones

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One of the major concerns that modern homeowners have to think about is how protected their homes are from unauthorized intrusion, as well as from fires. Now that numerous technology features are becoming affordable and more available to a wider audience, more and more people rely on such IT-enhanced protection. At the same time, the dark side of the force ...

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Free Apps That Save You Loads of Money


Apps can be very useful, although most of them just waste your time and try to get some money out of you. But some apps can help you save money and also manage your finances in a better way. So, here is a list of the best money saving apps. Finances Mint is an app that allows you to monitor ...

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Toyota’s Revolutionary Invention – Blaid for Visually Impaired


Toyota corporation has done a spectacular invention Blaid, a technical device to help visually impaired people. It starts  a new revolution that would one day help visually impaired people see like us. The revolutionary device uses a camera inbuilt in its design, in order to facilitate the movement and enable visually impaired people navigate without the help of others.  Navigation ...

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