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Why App Quality Testing is a Must


Developing an app is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it from scratch and you do not use any of those app making template websites that are so popular these days. More importantly, since the app market is so saturated, in order to have any chance, your app will have to be truly great, which means even ...

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Best Ways to Monetize Your Mobile App

mobile app

The app market is booming and each day brings forth a potential game changer. This is due to the fact that mobile platforms are growing rapidly, and reaching ever greater heights. In 2014, the mobile internet usage has managed to surpass the desktop one, and smartphone owners are also seasoned internet surfers. These are impressive numbers, but you are most ...

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Apple to open iOS App Development Center in Europe

iOS App

Tech giant Apple is on a verge to open its first iOS App development center in Naples, Italy. The company will also provide required training and practical skills for developers to contribute to the growing app ecosystem. The company will partner with an unnamed local institution to design its already designed iOS developer community. This will be the first attempt ...

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