Staging a Business Event via Social Media

Every businessperson striving for recognition from their partners and customers should always work hard on brand promotion. If your business is popular, you’ll have a greater networking potential. This is extremely important, since having reliable contacts can skyrocket your business. In order to create and retain the buzz around their work, entrepreneurs should use some tricks from show business. For instance, when a famous writer releases a new novel, they stage a promotional event. Similar to that, business events can boost your networking and improve your public image. Social media are the most affordable means for organizing and promoting such an event.


Invitees’ suggestions

When you’re staging a business event, you should follow your plan and vision. However, don’t hesitate to call your invitees to share their suggestions about the event with you. This open-minded approach can bring numerous benefits. Firstly, you’ll gather more original ideas than you can think of. Secondly, the invitees whose suggestions you accept will feel delighted, which might make them open for further business cooperation. Finally, such organization will give your event a feeling of togetherness. Therefore, let the first post on your event page be a call to brainstorming.

Group communication

If you want to be able to communicate more details with your invitees, consider creating a Facebook group for the event. On one side, it will serve a good purpose before the event, in case your future attendees need any detailed explanations. On the other, you can use this group after the event, for all the follow-up activities you might need.

Also, when creating a Facebook group, you should import your email list(s) to Facebook. That way you’ll make your core target audience approachable via your Facebook account, so you could use those contacts for future promotional strategies. As a matter of fact, this action should be performed regardless of the event.

Visuals and hashtags

The process of preparing an event should be used to make original visual content. Videos and images, as well as GIFs will help you show your customers and partners some interesting details on your creative work. What you should do is edit the videos and publish only the most amusing parts. The event page and group will perfectly accommodate these visuals.

Apart from that, post them to your official business page and to your personal profile. Ask your employees to like, follow and share all those pages, as well.

Furthermore, make a single event hashtag and use it with every single feature related to your event. It will help you build hype and boost the sharing potential of your event campaign. While Facebook is important, go with a Twitter hashtag, as well, to popularize your event in various media.


Participation figures

In order to keep the entire organization process in order, it’s vital that your invitees reply to your invitations as soon as possible. By using the RSVP Facebook feature, you’ll soon get the precise figures regarding the event. The deadline until you need the final number of attendees should be included in one of the first posts in the event page and group.

Moreover, some businesspeople introduce tickets to their events. The main goal of these features is either collecting assets for charity or helping the local community. If you want to add tickets to your event, make sure your invitees know how to use it. For instance, add a WP event ticketing plugin to your official website and post a link to it on your social media event pages.

An event organized via social media is an affordable event in the first place. Saving assets that way is a great benefit, since you’ll have many other expenses in terms of event organization. Also, the entire communication process will be smooth and fast. Finally, in the aftermath of the event, you’ll be able to establish more serious business collaborations with the event attendees.

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