Soon electric cars would be charging while driving

Consumers are not enjoying driving electric trucks and cars because of the charging station required to recharge them every time they move. The solar cell can be an answer to the electric cars. Most of the cells have failed to charge lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

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The researchers at Case Western Reserve University, have used four perovskite solar cells and wired them to provide high voltage and directly charging batteries which have an efficiency of 7.8 percent.

Liming Dai, the Kent Hale Smith Professor of macromolecular science and engineering and leader of the research said,”We found the right match between the solar cell and battery.””Others have used polymer solar cells to charge lithium batteries, but not with this efficiency,” he further added.

The researchers have said that the photoelectric storage and conversion has performed outstandingly as compared to the photo-charging component with lithium-ion batteries, flow super capacitors and batteries.

Perovskite solar cells are said to be best for capturing solar energy due to their crystalline structure which is similar to the mineral perovskite. They convert a wide range of the spectrum of sunlight into electricity as compared to silicon-based cells.

In a short duration of time, they have made a cell which is equivalent to the silicon cells and are even working more to add more advancement to it. Do you think this innovation will persuade people for using more electric cars. Do comment below to share your opinions.

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  1. I still don’t think it will be reliable. I wonder what it feels like when you are travelling a long distance and you have to sit an hour, maybe two or more at a station just to charge your vehicle

  2. Well, they could improve on the batteries and make them even more effective. I bet solar charging isn’t an option. Solar charging has been known to always have detrimental effect on batteries as it weakens their life span. And then what happens in mild weather?

  3. Or sudden climate change, your car just suddenly stop moving. Lol

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