Solar Powered Electric Car Unveiled By the Hanergy Holding Group.

Electric Car Technology has received another technological innovation boost when the Hanergy Holding Group Unveiled the First Solar Powered Electric Car in the Market in China.  After showcasing the cars, the group is set for a mass production of the  EVs in the next three years. The Hanergy Holding Group Company is well known for the manufacture of the thin-film solar panels, and they are using the same technology in designing the Solar Powered Electric cars. Having the Solar Powered Electric car in place will get rid off charging worries when you are covering long-distance travels.

Solar Powered Electric Car

The Solar Powered Electric cars will be using the Alta Device Anylight technology to function. This is one of the latest solar energy technology that is functional on the electric vehicles. The Solar Powered Electric cars will be getting all its energy from the Sun as their primary source.  The Hanergy Solar Powered Electric car is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery. The Lithium-ion battery pack will be charged as you drive. The Lithium batteries installed in the Solar Powered electric car can be charged using the charging ports and the energy stored in their can enable it to cover 350 km per single charge.  The thin solar panel film can deliver a 10 kWh power on a daily basis thus making the EV suitable for long distance travel.  The EV uses the ultrasonic cleaning technology to facilitate the zero charging on the EV.
The Hanergy Solar Powered Electric will have to undergo some modifications so that it attains the correct standards and have a sustainable energy. This might be done by around 2025

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