Signs Left Over by Ancient Astronauts

“Heaven and earth are large, yet in the whole of space they are but as a small grain of rice. How unreasonable it would be to suppose that, besides the heaven and earth which we can see, there are no other heavens and no other earths.” – Teng Mu, Chinese philosopher of the thirteenth century A.D.

The existence of Un-Identified Flying Objects has always baffled mankind. Do these spacecrafts really exist? Or are these just airplanes which meet human imagination? Although there have been no concrete evidences to suggest that these are space ships from another planet, if we look deeply into our past, we find many such evidences and artifacts which makes us question all we know about science and technology of the eras gone by.

UFOs mentioned in the past

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There are mentions of ancient spacecrafts in mythologies around the world. In India, there are mentions of Vimanas  in the Sanskrit epics written two millennia ago. The Vimanas mentioned here resemble closely to the UFOs we know of today. Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that Indians got the idea about these crafts because ancient aliens had visited India during or before those times.

Leonardo Da Vinci is said to hide many elements in his pictures so that they did not become very obvious to the Church. It is said that Da Vinci had vanished for two years – no one knew where he went for those two years or what he did. In one of his works, namely, The Madonna of Saint Giovannino, we can see an UFO like drawing – very evidently when you broaden it.

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Petroglyphs or paintings found in the caves or mountains around the world, show images of a giant with small men all around. This also tends to strengthen the Annunaki theory of the ancient aliens – which Annunaki was an alien race from whom the world has descended.

These UFO like structures could however be explained as actual aircrafts which were visualized by scientists of those times. There is no actual evidence that these were alien spacecrafts mentioned, apart from the fact that they look like UFOs we know today.

Are the ancient aliens responsible for seeding life on earth?

Ancient Alien theorists argue that not only did they visit us, or share their technology with us, but that our DNA may have been actually sown by them– that we are direct descendants of these aliens. Could this be possible? Several civilizations around the world seem to have strange answers for these.

In the Chinese civilization there is a mention of Dropa or Drok-pa or Dzopa who are said to have landed in the Chinese valleys some 12,000 years ago. They were said to be dwarf-like in appearance and landed somewhere on the border of Tibet and China.

Chi Pu Tei, the Archaeology Professor at Beijing University was exploring the caves of the remote Himalayan Mountains. He said those caves were artificially carved as if with intense heat and a network of tunnels and underground store rooms were created. The walls were glazed and squared too. But what’s fascinating is that they found 4 X 4 inch tombs inside them. Those tombs contained skeletons with abnormally large heads and frail structures.

One of the students suggested that this might be the remains of mountain gorilla, but then the Professor said no one’s ever heard of gorillas burying each other. Also, on the walls of those caves, can be found drawings of land, sun, moon, and pea sized dots connected the land to the sky. This seems like too much of a coincidence. Although, skeptics have suggested that there are no corroborative evidences to suggest the presence of aliens here.

In Mayan culture, there is a book called “Popol Vuh” or the “Council Book” or “Community Book”. In this book written in Quiche language, mythical narrations of the rulers of the post Quiche Mayan kingdom have been written down. There is a line in this book which translates to

“Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined
the four corners of the sky and the Earth’s round surface.”

Again, there is a Chilam Balaam text from the Mayans which state:

“Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels…
white men in flying rings, who can touch the sky.”

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The Annunaki
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But claiming to be descendants from the “skies” is not only unique to the Mayans. According to renowned Professor Zecharia Sitchen, an ancient alien race called the Annunaki had practiced a biogenetic experiment here on Earth. This experiment was conducted on the Sumerians. He claims that his hypothesis derives its roots from Biblical texts and that the text from the Bible originally comes from the Sumerian historical writings called Cuneiform.

He goes forward to claim that the humans were genetically engineered to act as miners in the caves of gold. Also, these aliens appointed Kings and Queens who acted as the intermediaries between these workers and the gods. These ancient Sumerians arrived about 450,000 years ago in search of minerals and they landed in Egypt where they found abundant gold mines.

The question that still remains: Who built the pyramids?

The thing about The Great Pyramids of Egypt is that they look baffling to us at present and we look up and wonder who built them because to us it looks impossible to rebuild with our current technology. So there has to be some advanced technology which helped the Egyptians build it. But why did they help us? Was the Pyramid built to show something towards the sky?

In the book “Chariots of the Gods” published in 1968, author Erich von Daniken suggested that not only did the ancient aliens hand over technologies to us, but they were also the roots of many religions. They are the “gods” that we know of today. He gave evidences of the Stonehenge, the land strips or Nazca lines of Peru, and of course the Egyptian pyramids to support his theory.


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It is believed that the Pyramids were constructed somewhere around 3,000 BC, but looking at the Pyramids of Giza this appears to be untrue, because the stars were not aligned in that way then. These pyramids were actually representing the Orion’s Belt in the sky. The last time the Orion belt was aligned in that way exactly was in the year 10,500 BC.

Also, it is perplexing why the Pyramids of Giza, which were supposedly built in 3,000 BC, stand tall even now while the others which were built only 500 years later are crumbling down at present. It is believed that the Egyptians, fascinated with the original work of art tried to replicate it, but because of not building them in the proper proportions, these are crumbling down. This might further the belief that humans did not create this symmetry.

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There is also a sign of water erosion over the Sphinx. But why would that be if there wasn’t any water body nearby during the year 3,000 BC when it was supposedly built? The only time river Nile was that close to the Sphinx was in 10,000 BC. So could the pyramids have been really built all that while back?

Some puzzling questions about the pyramids are:

  1. Egyptians had a record of everything they did, from the birth of their kings to the end of their rule. So how come there is no mention of the Pyramids there at all?
  2. The Egyptians had not discovered wheels yet according to historical records. So it is really baffling that they were able to carry each block of Pyramid which weighed 2 tons to such great heights. If they cut all of that stone into one block, all that stone would cover 2/3rd of the Earth.
  3. If you take the perimeter of the Pyramid and divide that by twice its height, you will get 3.14159… which is the value of pi. Did the Egyptians know the value of Pi? If they did, what was their intention behind creating a Pyramid which followed this rule?
  4. A pyramid is in the centre of the landmass of the Earth. It lies on 31 degrees north by 31 degrees east coordinates. Who would want to claim the central landmass of the Earth?
  5. The height of a Pyramid is 481 feet which is about 1/1000,000,000 of the distance of Earth from the Sun that is, 480.6 billion feet. Fascinating, isn’t it, especially knowing that the Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Sun God?

Questions are many, and answers are few. But one thing is for sure, not even skeptics can explain this entire phenomenon, even though they have strong arguments in some cases.

We are not proposing that the Ancient Astronauts theory is the absolute truth in anyway. Rather we want to present the facts to our readers, so you may have your own opinion on these things. Do you agree with the ancient astronaut theory? Do you think there is no substantial evidence yet to prove the theory. Whatever your opinion is, please share them in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t believe in aliens, I believe they are just cooked up stories that some crazy scholar wants us to believe

  2. I once read about the UFO, the seven wonders of the world, Da Vinci hidden codes and images with translations,……………actually i have read a lot. But it only gets me more confused.

  3. Gotta look into the new five pyramid facts. I always love reading this. Ignorance is bliss

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