The Serious Simulations Hits the VR Market with a VR wireless headset

Making the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets wireless will be one of the fantastic discoveries in the world at the moment. According to the reports, the wireless VR headset was designed using the “Zero Frame Latency” technology. The company behind this technology is the Serious Simulations Technological Company. They claim that the wireless streaming solution is the primary technique to use in rendering the VR headsets wireless. All these reports came from the Serious Simulation Company CEO Chris Chambers. The Serious Simulation Company is among the top 10 companies that have ventured in the VR technology. Their contribution into the VR by creating the VR wireless headsets will earn them one of the best positions in the VR market industry.

The Serious Simulations Hits the VR Market with a wireless VR headset.

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According to the CEO Chris Chambers, the company has already come up with a prototype of the VR wireless headsets. The prototype was displayed in the VR/AR summit. The prototype has got the following specs: a 60 GHz Wireless link. It also has an HMD display that is equipped with an HDMI/MIPI interfaces. The video formatting procedure is also powerful with a delay of 17-22 milliseconds and a protocol version of IEEE 802.11 ad. The quality of the video display is around 1080p. This specs will deliver a high-quality imaging in the VR wireless headsets.
The VR wireless headset is one of the top inventions that have hit the VR market. Thus, it makes the Serious Simulations appear as one of the companies with a significant contribution to the VR technology. This invention provides a perfect solution to the tethered desktop virtual reality conundrum. They are also known for providing military training to the Marines. Thus, their contribution will also make a significant improvement on the technological levels of the army. This is actually a new direction to go for the Virtual Reality headsets.

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