Reasons why Tesla Rules Electric Car Industry

The truth is Tesla brought electric cars and its awareness to the world. Although, the first electric car was first made a century ago, it is Tesla that brought the car for the general public a decade ago. A lot is written about its latest Model S and Model X. However, there are many reasons why the company still rules the electric car industry. It can be easily explained with its latest Model 3.



Tesla Supercharging Network

One of the most talked features today is its Supercharger network. There are many other companies making fast charging networks similar to Tesla that can charge cars but only to half the speed as the Supercharger.

As of this moment, Tesla Supercharger is the only charging network that can supercharge electric cars double the speed. It is one of the best electric car batteries in the world that can supercharge your battery and give you high range for cars as well. These batteries make road trips very convenient and comfortable for electric car owners. With the regular electric car batteries long road trips are possible only by knowing the next regions charging networks.

With the Supercharger networks, cars can give its best mile ranges for cars. For instance, 30 minutes of Supercharging in Model S car can give you 170 mile range. It is the same for Model X as well while other electric cars give a maximum of 100 miles. This clearly shows why Tesla rules the electric car industry. We will have to wait until the next Big Thing happens from the company.

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