Quiet Car Rules for Electric and Hybrid Cars Delayed by the US

The U.S. regulators are indeed delaying the rules that would require electric and hybrid cars alerting sight-impaired pedestrians and bicyclists. The delay is until mid-March at least. The news is according to a government file work done recently.

The concept of quiet cars is needed by the government since 2013 as quiet cars are low speed vehicles without an internal combustion engine running. The electric and hybrid cars should therefore have audio alerts. The delay is a setback to the government plan which was eagerly looking forward to audio alerts in  electric and hybrid cars.

It was stated by auto safety regulator that if this plan of electric and hybrid cars was implemented, the number of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries would fall by approximately 2800 annually. In addition, the auto makers were raising concerns about these alerts as these alerts are loud and complicated as well.

It seems that the rules will apply to hybrid and electric cars, SUVs, trucks, buses and even motorcycles. The alerts are aimed at preventing crashes, especially at the intersections.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was been asked to finalise these rules and regulations latest by January 2014 for electric and hybrid cars, this was under a law passed by congress in 2010.

NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind said in July that the regulation will soon be finalised before November but there are rumours saying it is not possible for them to meet this deadline. Also, NHTSA added  that these rules for electric and hybrid cars will cost approximately 23 million in the very first year.

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