Quantum Computers and Electric Cars: The New Technological Landscape

Google, NASA testing the first quantum computer and China being partial to electric cars the new technological landscapes might not sound like groundbreaking news but shows the development. Arthur C. Clark the author of the book 2001: A Space Odyssey, wrote what is now considered to be one of the most profoundly accurate predictions of our world today. Self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence ,Robotics, and 3D printing, the new technological landscape of today seems to be a self-fulfilled prophecy .

A Few Quantum Leaps

Google is said to be testing its new super-fast quantum computer which goes by the name D-Wave at a NASA laboratory in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, software maker Autodesk which seems to be strangely fixated on the idea of making 100 million dollar investments. Unsurprisingly, China is now considered to be a bigger market for electric vehicles.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Automakers are one step closer to the creation and legalization of self-driving cars as the US Federal government has added autonomous system considerations to safety ratings. While Japan held the International Robotics Exposition which attracted 450 companies. In the world of biotech, biologists, are now using 3D printers to create organs and prosthetics for patients.

The Internet of Things

The City of Jerusalem is not combatting its aging water infrastructure by using 2,700 sensors to find leaks. An initiative that might make the use of The Internet of Things more common in today’s world. It is glaringly obvious that quantum computers and electric cars which are the new technological landscape aren’t the only big inventions that have just recently emerged.

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