Qiantu K50 Electric Car Launched in China.

Every month more electric vehicles are being rolled into the market with new and epic dosing. This time round the China automotive company has done it again. This is seen in the Auto China Motor show event in Beijing when the Qiantu K50 was unveiled to the public. This car has a unique design that makes it among the top electric vehicles at the moment. This is a complete sports EV that is luxurious due to its amazing features.

Qiantu K50 Electric Car Launched in China.


Here are some of Qiantu K50 specs that makes the vehicle to be rated among the top EV of the year. The Qiantu K50 is equipped with two electric motors which deliver a power of 402 bhp. It has a perfect acceleration of 0-62 mph within 4.6 seconds. It’s also fitted with a perfect battery capacity that allows it to cover up to 186 miles within a single charge. The dashboard of the vehicle is equipped with touch controls thanks to the large Tesla-style touch screen. The above features absolutely render this vehicle among the top vehicles to have in this year. The price tag of the vehicle was also announced during its launching and it will be going for $100,000. This is (omit) a favorable price as compared to the specs and features of the vehicle.

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