The pros and cons of Samsung gear VR.

The Samsung gear VR headset is one of the latest trending technological gadgets in the market that is compatible with the Samsung galaxy S7. If you have not acquired one then you are missing out in owning one of the coolest gadgets in the market. Despite the fact that you own the device there are certain facts that you really need to be conversant with. This will enable you to make the superlative use of the gadget. Also if you are new in Gear VR then your anguishes are over since with this perfect guide then all of your most burning questions are going to be answered. The Samsung Gear VR is actually as a result of the flourishing partnership between the Samsung Company and the Oculus Company. Here are the pros and cons of the Samsung Gear VR headsets.

  • Compatibility of the device.

In the recent releases it was noted that this device is not compatible with all of the Samsung devices thus limited to certain device users. Its only compatible with the following devices i.e. galaxy S6, Note 5 , and S7. Since technology is really rising at a rampant rate it is recommended that you have the S7 device so as to enable your device to operate with your device for at least 2 years.



The download of the oculus application is only prompted when you connect the device with the phone. If you don’t have the device then you can’t download the device and even install it in your phone.  The introductory apps are also required before installation of the apps commences.

  • Operation of the device.

It’s very easy to operate this device since you don’t need to use your phone to tap on it. It has got its own controls that will enable you to operate it.


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