Pre-Orders of HTC VIVE from February 29

It appears to look as if 2016 can be the year of Virtual reality with the availability of the new HTC Vive from HTC Company.  A few days after the announcement from Oculus of the price drop of its much expected Rift headset to $599, HTC disclosed its model in the name of HTC Vive will be available for pre-orders from 29th of February.

htc vive


The CEO of HTC, Cher Wang said that the company is forecasting to refocus itself around VR products. He added that the budding virtual reality sector is more significant to the electronics manufacturer of Taiwan than its traditional core market of Smartphone handsets. HTC is likely to start shipment of the HTC Vive which it has been developing in association with Valve (video game developer) in April.

HTC earlier was one among the largest handset manufacturers with models like Nexus line of Android phones. However, the competition from the Chinese manufacturers along with the Apple iPhone had almost crushed the company out of the market. When HTC authorized a ten percent share of the Smartphone market, it has ever since collapsed to one percent which brought down the stock price of the company down and flashing rumors of possible acquisition too.

The stress on its Smartphone business considerably increases the stakes for the HTC debut.  The company has been gradually developing anticipation for its new HTC Vive since it was first announced in the month of March last year.

Besides the Oculus of Facebook which is set for the shipment in March, HTC will also face competition from Playstation and Gear.

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