Nissan Plans On Electric SUV as the next Model after Nissan Leaf

The recent rise in the production of electric vehicles has really sparkled the Nissan Company to launch its plan on the next electric vehicle model in 2018. According to the latest reports the Nissan Company plans to venture onto the production of Electric SUV come 2018. This was announced after Tesla Model 3 was launched and released into the market. The performance of the electric vehicle in the auto market is what has stimulated the Nissan Company in venturing into the Electric SUVs.

Electric SUV

According to Shiro Nakamura the Company’s Senior Vice Presidents the various prototypes that are being tested for the 2018 leaf vehicle have got a five-door hatchback which is an electric SUV. The Nissan ESflow is the current model concept being worked n at the moment. This is an electric sport ca that has been awaited for from the Nissan Company. The thin and flat battery pack is what the Nissan Company uses in the design of its vehicles.
The Nissan Company is known for producing amazing designs and shapes for their latest electric vehicles into the market. Little has been said about the electric SUVs vehicle that will be available in 2018 but according to the recent postulates that is going to be among the top vehicles to from the Nissan Company. The incorporation of high technology in their design is what makes this one of the top companies in the production of the electric vehicle. The Nissan Company are known o be among the first manufacturing companies to venture into the electric vehicle technology and their performance in the industry is really superb. Therefore you should expect a superb product from them i.e. the electric SUVs.

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