Nissan Launches Self Driving Nissan LEAF Prototype in Japan

Car manufacturer Nissan has launched its Nissan Leaf Prototype car in Japan. One of its kinds of self driving electric car which is the next big thing in the automobile industry. It’s a time of celebration for Nissan as several car manufacturers are working on self-driving cars while Nissan has launched its prototype. The project named “Nissan Intelligent Driving”, the prototype will set an example for the next set of self driving electric cars.

The main motive of Nissan is to make a car that has zero percent emission. Similarly, it is also working on to reduce traffic related deaths with its latest technology enabled EVs. While most manufacturers test their cars in private property, Nissan is testing it on the roads and highways of Japan.

If the testing goes to their expectations, you can see the Piloted Drive 1.0 or the stage one models ready by the end of 2016. Compete self driving car will be ready for city traffic management by 2020. Only the initial tests will be done in Japan however similar tests will be done in different countries at the earliest.

Nissan is planning to create trouble free motoring future with safe and auto piloted cars. The main advantage of the Nissan Intelligent Drive project will result in reduced traffic related accidents and deaths. It is the next big thing in the future of automobile industry. The car will have various intelligent and innovative features for safe driving included in every stage of testing.

This is Nissan’s Take on self driving autonomous driving for safe highway traffic conditions. These vehicles will manage our roads all by it while taking you safe to your destinations.

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