Nikola One Gas-Electric Semi Truck Announced.

The Nikola Tesla Company is one of the companies that is really anticipated to provide great competition to the Tesla Company when it comes to the production of electric cars ion the auto motive industry. Though this might take a while because the technology that the Tesla Company is using in the production of its electric vehicle is far beyond to be compared to any company. At the moment, the Nikola Tesla Company has gone ahead to unveil among the first semi-electric cars in top the market. This seen when the Nikola One Gas-Electric Semi Truck was announced to the public. This is also considered as among the top EV but cannot yet be compared with the other electric vehicle in the automotive industry under the electric cars.

Nikola One Gas-Electric Semi Truck Announced.

Here are some of the specs and features of the Nikola One Truck. It has got an amazing design rendering an epic experience to use. The 320-kilowatt battery pack provides sufficient power to enable you to cover a mileage of 100 to 150 miles per a single charge. The Nikola One Truck can operate in two power modes i.e. the gas mode and the electric mode.
It’s also reported the company is also working on the pure electric model vehicle. Here are some of the specifications that the vehicle might be having: a 50 kWh battery pack that renders a power to cover 100 to 150 miles on a single charge. The EV will be named Nikola Zero. The price of the two vehicles has not yet been announced to the public.

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